When we are just fetuses in our mothers’ wombs, we literally find ourselves swimming in a warm liquid that provides us with many of the elements we need for our proper development. This is the amniotic fluid. For some years now, this fluid has been used in regenerative medicine to obtain amazing benefits for human health.

Regenerative medicine is a science known for its use of an individual’s own specialized cells to treat various medical conditions developed by the same person. It is also good to understand that our organisms are composed of multiple cells that, in order to reach a level of complexity that allows for proper organization and optimal functionalism, need to possess a very special communication system.

And this is where the amniotic fluid comes in because in it we can find various elements that function as molecular mediators between the various cells, tissues, organs, and systems that conform our body, thus maintaining a correct intra- and extra-cellular homeostasis.

Growth factors and cytokines are among the most important elements found in amniotic fluid, being necessary not only during gestation, but also for those individuals who need help to treat a clinical condition that requires cellular regeneration.

Being these elements specialized in activating/promoting or in deactivating/inhibiting certain biological process, these can help achieve cellular functions, such as:

  • Proliferation.
  • Activation.
  • Differentiation.
  • Migration.

Plus, these can also modulate other processes like tissue organization, morphogenesis, angiogenesis, among others.

By applying elements found in amniotic fluid, such as growth factors and cytokines, excellent results can be achieved in record time, helping each patient to complete their desired goals with hardly any side effects and with minimal manipulation.

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